Creative Use of Alerts and Workflow

Join me for an insightful session where you’ll witness the seamless integration of alerting and workflow automation. In this session, I’ll showcase customized alerts that can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs and streamlining workflows to enhance efficiency.

Communication & Connection: Preparing for success

Leadership Seminar This session builds on concepts of the keynote and goes deeper into exploring how we influence and connect with others to get the best outcomes for our teams and organizations. This will be an instructor led, participant centered session, and attendees will experience hands-on learning, working in pairs and small groups to accomplish the […]

Cloud Considerations in 2024

Cloud computing is here to stay and its use is expanding. 90 Minders should attend this session to learn more about: Trends in cloud computing, Technology to improve the customer experience, Cybersecurity risks and mitigation strategies.  Getting the most from your partnership with Cloud Service Providers via na interactive discussion with the top cloud services […]

Demystifying Sage Manufacturing

At version 2023 Sage brings a fully functional Production Management Module –  including robust Scheduling and Capacity Management and Sage Programming Standards –  to the forefront.  As valued providers surge forward to offer enhancements and supporting solutions, the array of name changes, versions, alternatives and enhancements has been overwhelming to Consultants, Partners and Users. The […]

Pricing On Purpose with Ron Baker

Customers don’t buy time; they buy value. Firms with a better understanding of value will have an enormous competitive advantage in attracting both customers and top talent. Price is the marketing moment of truth. It’s the number one driver of profitability, more so than cutting costs, increasing efficiency, or even customer acquisition. This session is […]

SCOTT TILLEMA – FRIDAY KEYNOTE: Finding Success In Conflict Resolution

“Finding Success in Conflict Resolution” provides attendees with a behind the scenes look at persuasion and influence, with a SWAT hostage negotiator, trained by the FBI and at Harvard University. This interactive seminar provides professionals with a framework to implement the power of communication and connection, when under pressure, using a principle-based approach. We will […]

Top Support Issues in Sage 100 Support

Attend this interactive discussion to gain insight into some of the top support issues of Sage 100. We will review specific well-known reoccurring issues then go over their solutions and workarounds, discussing both official ones and more practical ones where applicable. Feel free to collaborate and add your input.    

Three Great Checklists To Use In Your Practice

Join us for an insightful journey into the world of consulting excellence!  In this live presentation, our seasoned experts will unveil the essential tools that elevate consulting practices to new heights.  In this exclusive presentation, we’ll explore three pivotal checklists that serve as your compass to consulting excellence. Discover the Upgrade Checklist, your pathway to […]

How AI Will Supercharge ERP

Artificial intelligence is the next stair step in the evolution of work and is coming faster than any other technology before. Applications of AI and digital transformation with ERP will eliminate or outsource repetitive or simpler tasks to the computer. Get a glimpse of how the technology can change our practice in the not too […]