Exhibitor Information

Welcome to Meeting of the Minds. 90 Minds has compiled the exhibitor summary to assist exhibitors with their preparation for this event.

To ensure everything will go smoothly in the run-up to the show, exhibitors must adhere strictly to the timelines and exhibiting hours.

Please note that if you need power or any other AV needs for your exhibit booth, you need to contact Encore AV directly.

Please reach out to Anne Sawyer (anne.sawyer@90minds.com) if you should require further assistance.





Please inform your Event Manager of how many boxes to expect. Any last-minute box deliveries will be assessed an extra delivery charge and may be delayed in delivery to event space/table/booth.


STORAGE: Due to limited storage space, shipments will only be accepted (3) days prior to the event. Deliveries that arrive prior to this will be subject to a $50.00 storage fee per box per day. Hotel will not assume any responsibility for damage or loss of items sent for storage purposes. 


If you are sending more than one package within a single shipment, please be sure to number in sequence (i.e. one of three, two of three, etc.). Arrangements must be made to ship packages within 48 hours after the event ends. Hotel is not responsible for the packaging or shipping of any materials and the proper shipping drayage costs will be incurred.


Please address all boxes/packages as follows:




C/O Margaritaville Resort Palm Springs

1600 Indian Canyon RD

Palm Springs, CA 92262


Daryl Johnson


Feb 27 – Mar 1, 2024

<Box ___of ___>


<If an exhibitor, please put booth # on boxes>


All packages should be clearly marked with a return address.


BOX DELIVERY CHARGES: Should assistance in moving deliveries to and from receiving to the exhibit/meeting area be required, the following charges shall apply:

Box Delivery Price Breakdown: (inclusive of ingress and egress)

Boxes 50 lbs. or less:  $ 10.00 each

Boxes 50 lbs. or more: $ 25.00 each

Pallets under 500 lbs: $ 100.00 each

Pallets over 500 + lbs: $ 150.00 each

Payment must be rendered at time of delivery via guest room, master account, or credit card. A Package/Box Delivery Charge Form will be provided for signature.

The above costs do not include fees by the courier.

The Hotel does not accept any liability for equipment, goods, displays, or other materials that arrive or fail to arrive at the Hotel. The Group is responsible for insuring its property for loss or damage.


PREPARING OUTBOUND SHIPMENTS: Packing boxes is the sole responsibility of the client.  Hotel is not responsible for packaging or shipping of any materials.

LABELS:  All packages should be clearly marked with a return address and a pre-prepared & pre-paid shipping label.

CARRIER PICK-UP: A carrier pick-up must be scheduled.  Package pick-up scheduling is the responsibility of the sender.  The hotel does NOT have any regularly scheduled pick-ups. 


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