From Transactional to Relational—The Subscription Business Model (Part One)

CPE: 1 The world is moving from products and services to subscriptions, favoring access and transformations over ownership and deliverables. The advantages to a subscription model are many, including: Predictable revenue; not selling services, but creating annuities with a lifetime value that far exceeds whatever you paid to acquire them; the customer relationship is at […]

Beanworks/Yaypay: Why Automation is Essential for Finance Teams to Thrive

CPE: 0.5 Remote work, rising customer expectations, and economic uncertainty are not just legacies of the pandemic. They’re significant challenges impacting the effectiveness of today’s AP & AR teams. PYMNTS’ research reveals that 93% of CFOs are digitizing finance processes. Automation is helping teams address issues and future-proof operations against the changes to come. In […]

ROI: Sage 100 Integration Using Application Programming Interface

CPE: 1 Join this session with ROI to learn about integration using Application Programming Interface (API) to connect Sage 100 with just about anything. We will spend the first part of the session discussing ROI’s new API solution for integration, using actual client examples, and sharing the benefits developers are seeking and finding from connecting […]

DSD: What’s New with DSD Enhancements?

CPE: 0.5 Join Jon Reiter and Joe De Maria from the Development Division at DSD Business Systems to see a preview of the latest and greatest Sage 100 Enhancements. We have new InstaDocs features that are being released! Come check out the newest enhancement: Advanced Data Editor!