Creative Use of Alerts and Workflow

Join me for an insightful session where you’ll witness the seamless integration of alerting and workflow automation. In this session, I’ll showcase customized alerts that can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs and streamlining workflows to enhance efficiency.

Communication & Connection: Preparing for success

Leadership Seminar This session builds on concepts of the keynote and goes deeper into exploring how we influence and connect with others to get the best outcomes for our teams and organizations. This will be an instructor led, participant centered session, and attendees will experience hands-on learning, working in pairs and small groups to accomplish the […]

Cloud Considerations in 2024

Cloud computing is here to stay and its use is expanding. 90 Minders should attend this session to learn more about: Trends in cloud computing, Technology to improve the customer experience, Cybersecurity risks and mitigation strategies.  Getting the most from your partnership with Cloud Service Providers via na interactive discussion with the top cloud services […]

DJ and Silent Disco After Party

 End the night with dancing to the rhythm of silence at our DJ Silent Disco Party! Slip on your headphones, choose your groove, and hit the dance floor for a night of electrifying beats and infectious energy.


Join us for an evening of gratitude and celebration at our Member Appreciation Dinner! As a token of our sincere thanks, we invite you to enjoy food, delightful company, and special surprises. This event is our way of expressing gratitude for your continued support and loyalty. Your presence is the key ingredient to making this night […]


Engage with industry leaders, discover cutting-edge products, and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities.  Step into the timeless glamour of a casual black and white-themed Frank Sinatra event, where sophistication meets a relaxed vibe. Enjoy cocktails, martinis, and mingling while Frank Sinatra classics fill the air.  Join us for a progressive evening, followed by: […]

Demystifying Sage Manufacturing

At version 2023 Sage brings a fully functional Production Management Module –  including robust Scheduling and Capacity Management and Sage Programming Standards –  to the forefront.  As valued providers surge forward to offer enhancements and supporting solutions, the array of name changes, versions, alternatives and enhancements has been overwhelming to Consultants, Partners and Users. The […]

ZAP: Strategic Data Empowerment:A Deep Dive into Data Management

In this engaging session, ZAP will share insights and strategies on mastering the realm of data management.  Join us for a discussion on how businesses can unlock valuable insights, create structured data sets, and optimize decision-making through effective data management. Find your flow, TalkDataToMe in this exclusive session at 90 Minds 2024.


Engage with industry leaders, discover cutting-edge products, and immerse yourself in a world of possibilities. Grab a bite, mingle, and learn about the latest trends in the ERP industry.