Migration to Sage Premium – SQL

Migration to Sage Premium – SQL

February 28, 2024 07:30 AM -
2:30 pm
CPE Credits: 7.0

This full-day session is an introductory class generally designed for the more technical side of the process but will be taught in layman’s terms so that everyone can get the most out of the training. This session is also valuable for helping you understand all the parts of your new Windows Server, SQL Server software, and Sage 100 Premium to feel more comfortable when you go on your journey.

We will start by covering all the actual Windows and system prerequisites needed for a proper Sage 100 Premium implementation. We will also cover the basic installation of SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to understand what Sage is really using versus SQL components that just get installed to be used by SQL experts as needed or desired.

We will also review what “Default Instance” and “Named Instance” mean in terms of SQL Server installation. In this part of the class, the labs and training are more for knowledge as many of us work with IT people that may install SQL Server and its tools for us.

We will then use SSMS to review relevant configuration settings that control resources, memory and pathing for your soon to be Sage 100 databases home. Lastly, we will be creating some basic SQL queries for looking at specific data in tables, demonstrating benefits of a simple query over DFDM. We will also discuss but not run queries that change or add data.

In our final section, we will be reviewing how to move Sage 100 Premium to a new location. You can either treat the new location as the new permanent home or use it as an upgrade source location. This Move method is preferred over the Merge method for upgrades as the latter causes a considerable amount of damage to the client environment. The Move method may also be needed for example, when the client needs to move their Sage 100 Premium to a hosted data center.

** There will be multiple labs or activities that we will complete during the class.

** You are required to bring a laptop computer in order to participate in the class labs and activities where most of the day will be spent.

** Prior to class start, the instructor will email you with instructions on how to set up your laptop, including links to download the course material and supplemental material. Instructions will include installing Virtual Server, downloading the Virtual Machines (VMs) and steps on how to connect to them to Virtual Box once it is ready.

Afterwards you will be able to keep Virtual Box as long as you like as licensing is not required. The VMs will be yours to keep so that you can refer to them as needed. This material will also be available at the beginning of class but to save time you are strongly encouraged to download it prior to class start.