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Pre-Sessions (Thursday)

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*Additional fee required!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Business: Negotiation Workshop

8:00 PM - 5:00 PM

9.5 CPE

This full-day workshop provides extensive negotiation knowledge, with interactive critical skill building worked in throughout the workshop. Instructor Scott Tillema will provide attendees with relevant research and techniques on how to apply hostage and crisis negotiation techniques to business negotiations. Scott brings a fresh perspective to the art of negotiation and works to add to the skillset of attendees.

Strategic networking

  • Why building mutually beneficial relationships are critical to successful negotiations.
  • How to initiate, build, and maintain these critical networks.

Conflict management

  • The process of discovery with role play.
  • The process of delivery.
  • Learning where emotional triggers come from and how to mitigate these.
  • Controlling your emotions and resolving differences.
  • FBI hostage negotiation techniques and an alternative perspective.
  • Active listening skill-building practical exercises.

Negotiation styles

  • Identification of each participant’s natural negotiation style.
  • Learn how and when each negotiation style is best used.
  • Learn to identify your counterpart’s negotiation style and how to best engage and influence that style.

Persuasion & influence

  • Behavioral psychology influences tactics.
  • Differences in persuasion and negotiation.
  • Role plays and case studies.

Negotiation strategies

  • The ZOPA (zone of possible agreement), BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement), anchoring, first offer, leverage, and several other business negotiation strategies will be reviewed.

Group work case study

  • Small teams work through a business negotiation.
  • Feedback and full group discussion.

Negotiations PhD

  • An introduction of all the people and resources negotiators need to know to grow.
  • Books, podcasts & personalities will be discussed.


Technology: Basics of Scripting

8:00 PM - 5:00 PM

9.5 CPE

Presented by Alnoor Cassim, this full-day session is an introductory class covering basic concepts of scripting in Sage 100. It is generally designed but not limited to the more technically oriented consultant in your organization who has a working knowledge or better of Custom Office / Customizer but is brand new to or just recently introduced to Visual Basic (VB) Scripting. It is also valuable for those wanting to identify if a customer’s need for a programming modification can be done with Scripting instead. After covering part of the morning on concepts, the rest of the day will be spent doing scripting labs and activities.

In the morning we will cover concepts such as Business Objects, UI Objects, User Defined Scripts (UDS) / Event scripts, Button scripts, UI scripts, and Business Object Interface (BOI). We will also cover the very important list of supported script events for Business and UI scripts noting many examples of which events to use based on the customer’s requirements. We will then dive into coding basic scripts as class lab activities.

** You are required to bring a laptop computer with you in order to participate in the class labs and activities where most of the day will be spent.

Prior to class start, the instructor will email you with instructions on how to set up your laptop which will include installing Sage 100 with demonstration data. It will include using the Customizer Import Wizard to import a provided file, as a quick easy way to auto-create UDFs and UDTs on your system.

The instructions will also include links to download the course material and supplemental material to your laptop. This will include installing an advanced text editor such as the free Notepad++. This material will also be provided at the beginning of class if you have not already downloaded the material.