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Professional Headshots

Professional Headshots

May 12, 2022, 2:30 pm -
5:30 pm

Your shoot should take no longer than 10-15 minutes.

These will be against a backdrop with studio lighting.

Ready. Shoot

  • This is quick and painless. I will take a series of shots from different angles. If you have a “best side”, make sure to let me know. I will take a series of photos to make sure the smile, angles, and sharpest photo.
  • The backdrop we will be using is dark blue.  Wear solid colors.
  • If you wear glasses I will take photos of them off and on.
  • Make sure to check yourself in the mirror before you come for your photo. Make sure any makeup you are wearing is freshly applied or touched up and blotted for shine.  I will only be offering color corrections, no Photoshop corrections unless ordered.
  • Make sure to relax and have fun

After your pictures:

  • I will edit your pictures for sharpness and color and pick pictures for each pose.
  • The number of shots you will receive will be dependent on how many we take and how they turn out.
  • I will make some of the shots into Black and White for multiple uses.
  • I will make some small as well for applications that require smaller file sizes.
  • I will edit for color and lighting. I will do minor Photoshop edits, but nothing major.
  • The turn-around time is at least two weeks sometimes longer.
  • Your pictures will be available via an online gallery with a password to download that will be given to your event coordinator. You can download these photos for personal and professional use and a print release is available on the site.

Some clothing tips

#1: Wear solid colors and freshly ironed clothing

In general, solid colors tend to be less distracting. Loud patterns draw the viewers’ eyes away from your headshot and toward your clothing.

Jackets and collared shirts are highly recommended. Depending on your industry, you may be tempted to wear casual attire, but we recommend you dress up for your professional photos.

Try to avoid any large pieces of jewelry or excessive makeup as well.

#2: Relax your expression in between photos

This will help keep your smile from falling. I also recommend that you alternate between a full smile, a grin, and no smile during your shoot. That ensures the maximum variety of photos.